“Newly Launched Agritourism Facility in Kercem, Gozo, Welcomes Guests to a
Unique Rural Experience”

This project was part financed under Measure 6 Farm and Business
Development Sub-measure 6.4 – ‘Support for Investments in creation and
development of non-agricultural activities’ under the Rural Development

Programme for Malta 2014 – 2020.

The highly-anticipated agritourism project in Kercem, Gozo, has now reached its
completion, and the doors of the remarkable facility are open to visitors seeking an
extraordinary rural getaway. Offering a blend of modern comfort and authentic
countryside charm, this agritourism destination promises an unforgettable
experience for all who venture here.

Set amidst the picturesque limits of Kercem, the facility boasts ten beautifully
finished double rooms, each featuring en-suite facilities. Guests will be warmly
received in the elegant reception area, setting the tone for their delightful stay.
For those seeking leisure and rejuvenation, the property includes a refreshing pool
area and convenient sanitary facilities, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable stay. A
thoughtfully designed parking area ensures hassle-free access for visitors arriving
with their own transportation.

Surrounded by meticulously landscaped gardens, the agritourism facility seamlessly
blends with the natural beauty of the region, creating a tranquil atmosphere that
encourages relaxation and exploration. The addition of a Water Reservoir and Water
Treatment Plant Room reflects the commitment to sustainable practices and eco-

Emphasizing modern convenience, a dedicated website has been developed to
facilitate easy bookings and provide detailed information about the offerings and
services available to guests.

Having achieved its goal of enriching the region’s agro-tourism sector, the project
now stands as a testament to the long-term vision of its founders. As doors swing
open to welcome visitors from far and wide, the agritourism venture is set to forge
lasting connections between urban dwellers and rural life.

With a focus on preserving rural traditions and lifestyle, the facility aims to generate
additional income for the farmers involved in the project. By diversifying into the
agritourism domain, these local farmers not only secure the sustainability of their
holdings but also enhance their relationship with the surrounding community.
As guests explore the unique attractions and recreational activities offered on-site,
the agritourism facility adds a new dimension to the appeal of rural areas. The

venture is poised to breathe new life into the local economy, offering employment
opportunities for both farm household members and inhabitants of rural

With the vision realized and the agritourism facility now in full swing, Kercem, Gozo,
stands proud as a destination that encapsulates the harmony of tradition, modernity,
and the captivating essence of rural life.