Educational Talks related to Farming and Agriculture

A Maltese proverb says ‘Kliem ix-xiħ żomm fih’ meaning that old men wisened by experience are usually right. Tight knit families on the island often turn to elder generations for advice who experienced a completely different life from the one we have today. Their natural way of life was not a choice but a necessity that brought on unique experiences which may have been forgotten thanks to modern day comforts.

In the past farming was Gozo’s main industry, its expansive fields and warm sun made it ideal to grow enough crops that not only sustained Gozo, but the main island as well. We truly believe in the role of farming and agriculture in Gozo’s culture. The loss of this profession means losing a large part of our identity.
A strong element to the waning interest in farming on the island is the mistaken perception of what the work is. Tuta aims to correct this through a series of educational talks explaining the complexities of agriculture, the skill involved, its benefits and funding opportunities, and the lifestyle it creates. Educational sessions that focus on the experience of contemporary farmers, historians, and those of the older generation can be tailored to any age range and are available for children, youths, and adults.